The 2020 National Women’s Volleyball Championship is coming to an end. Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team is one of the most outstanding teams. They first won 6 games in the group stage, and then swept Sichuan 3-0 in the quarter-finals, winning 7 consecutive games. Unbeaten record advanced to the semi-finals and competed with the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team led by Li Yingying and other national players for a place in the finals. Jiangsu women's volleyball team was able to win consecutive games. In addition to the team's "dual-core" Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu, Ni Feihua in the free agent position also played a key role.


The Jiangsu women's volleyball team gathers national players. In the main lineup, most of the players have experience in the "national brand" team. Among them, Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu are still the absolute main players of the Chinese women's volleyball team. In the volleyball Super League in recent years, several strong teams with the ability to compete for the championship have introduced foreign aid. Only the Jiangsu women's volleyball team has always adhered to the concept of "All China Class" and even "All Soviet Class". Signing up is the most effective way to supplement the team's shortcomings, and the Jiangsu Women's Volleyball Team uses internal potential to solve the shortcomings of the lineup.


During this period, many young players came to the fore and entered the first team of the team and gained a lot of playing time. Although most of the young players’ performance has fluctuated, which affected the team’s performance, the Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team’s ranking in the Super League has declined year by year, and did not even enter the semi-finals last season, but through actual training, these young players have improved. It can be seen from the naked eye, especially after the 00s, Ni Feihua, who started in the volleyball match last season, his overall performance is remarkable. This year's championship, Ni Feihua has played the domestic top freeman level.


Ni Feihua, born in 2001, is only 19 years old this year, but she has already had two seasons of fighting experience in the Super League. With her excellent performance in the league, Ni Feihua successfully knocked on the national team’s goal and represented The Chinese women's volleyball team participated in a series of international competitions such as the Swiss Women's Volleyball Classic, the World League Finals, the World League Finals and the Asian Championships. Last season, Ni Feihua became the main force of the Jiangsu women's volleyball team. She started in 15 games and received 290 first passes. After the end of the season, she ranked among domestic free agents with a pass rate of 74.83%. The third place is only slightly lower than Wang Mengjie and Mao Yajing.


Due to the special position of free agents, they can neither smash the ball to score nor serve to block the ball. Therefore, compared with the players in the main attack, auxiliary attack and receiving positions, the sense of presence is not very strong. Block and other key data to measure the performance on the court. However, Ni Feihua still won the trust of his teammates and head coach through his steady performance in the first pass and defense, and has also been recognized and affirmed by the outside world.


The National Championships has always been the stage for the training of teams. This year, due to the participation of many national players, this event has attracted more attention. Since the use of foreign aid is not allowed, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong and other teams all have players absent from the main lineup. The Jiangsu Women's Volleyball Team, which has always insisted on the all-China class, has benefited from this and can participate in the main lineup.


The Jiangsu women’s volleyball team, which has won 7 consecutive victories, has Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu on the offensive side, the popular national players of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. The block has the “block king” Wang Chenyue, who has overtaken the volleyball team. In addition, Ni Feifei has a pass in the back row and the defensive escort. At the time when Tianjin, Shanghai and other teams have shortcomings due to the absence of players, the Jiangsu women's volleyball team with a complete lineup has a bright future.


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