Tiger Fighting September 25th Beijing time at 19:30 tomorrow night, in the third round of the Premier League, Manchester United will be a guest against Brighton. Before the game, Manchester United coach Solskjaer attended the press conference.


"Of course, the new season has started for more than a week. This is a good week. The players are training well. We performed well in the Carabao Cup match against Luton in the middle of the week. Like other teams, we need Keep going because we are very dissatisfied with our loss to Crystal Palace last week."


"We encountered this kind of thing last year, which was playing Wolves. At that time we had to win a game. The Premier League was the first priority. We focused on that game. Our league had a terrible start. We hope Able to play better. We played against Brighton last season (3-0) after the rematch last season. That game left us with good memories, and I hope this weekend’s game will be like that. "


"I think last season we have demonstrated how well our defense can be at its best. The defense last week was not good. We lost the ball too easily. But I think last season Bayi and Ma Quill’s defensive combination has shown their strength. Now Bayi has recovered. This is a huge benefit. I look forward to seeing his progress and seeing him play more games."


"You know, if you perform well on the field and win, the players will naturally be happy. I am also like this. My job is not to keep my players happy, but to send the right players to get the ideal game. Make the players adapt and be ready to be called on the court at all times."


"I have said many times. I trust my players very much. If what happens to the club, I will let you know. Football world, you can’t make too many predictions, and my job is to make the team better. . My focus is on the game and I won’t think about other things."


"I think that excellent players will show excellent performance in the game tomorrow. Similarly, McTominay, Matic, Fred, they are also very good players. Therefore, the players will compete for posts. We will also have many different midfield combinations according to the technical and tactical system,


"It depends on whether there is an opportunity and whether something else will happen. Let's wait and see and see what changes will happen. See what happens before the transfer window closes."


"I am dissatisfied with the team's defense against Crystal Palace. We were not prepared and did not come up with the intensity of the game we hoped. Last season, after the restart of the league, our performance improved a lot, and we played against Crystal Palace. The performance of the game was disappointing. But I am still very confident, we need to have more ideas in the game than last week (the game)."


"I think it is difficult to predict what will happen next in the current situation (the epidemic). I am also very worried about the situation in the lower leagues. We have seen many clubs struggling.


"Tuanzebe is close to training with the team. He has now started training on the court. After the national team game is over next month, he should be able to train with us. During the epidemic, he has been working hard and the league restarted. Later, he was injured and had to undergo surgery. Now he really wants to come back. I look forward to his return."

“ Tuanzebe即将接受球队训练。他现在已经开始在球场上训练。下个千亿官网登录月国家队比赛结束后,他应该可以和我们一起训练。在流行期间,他一直在努力并为联盟重新开始。后来他受伤,不得不接受手术。现在他真的很想回来。我期待着他的回来。”

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