Al’s Shoes

The “SOLE” of DC Ranch!
Don’t throw away your favorite pair of shoes or boots just because they’re a little run down. Bring them to the shoe experts of DC Ranch at Al’s Shoes, and let us find a new “soul” for your old soles and “heal” your heels for you J. You can also bring us that travel-weary set of suitcases ready for your new adventures. So, if you just plain love those old shoes, boots, or your favorite purse or luggage and they need fixing, come on over to Al’s. It will be our pleasure to provide the best service using the finest line of products for a great price.

18261 N Pima Road, Ste 100 / Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 585-7789

Monday–Saturday 8am–6pm
Sunday 9am–1pm

Contact: Ermira Dedolli-Kulla, (480)907-9198