Tiger Fight, October 1st Chelsea had previously lost to Tottenham in the League Cup. After the game, former Chelsea defender Lebeuf also spoke about his views on Chelsea in an interview with ESPN.


Lebeuf mentioned: “Chelsea’s defense has made a lot of mistakes this season, they still have a lot of work to do, but the team’s defense not only needs to rely on the defenders, but the midfielders must also participate in the team’s defense. Mount played badly throughout the game."


"Mount is a very talented young player. If he wants to help Chelsea achieve better results, Mount needs to get back in time."


"I think players need to think about the longer term, not a six-month or one-year game. You know, players have a long career."


"Chelsea performed well in the first half, but they did not perform well in the second half, but looking at Chelsea's performance in 90 points in regular time is still not good enough, I am very disappointed."


"Chelsea need to change this situation, otherwise they will face more problems."


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